Sleep Keeper
Sleep Keeper

Always Take Your Dreams with You

The SleepKeeper is a versatile water-resistant travel bag for any pillow. Keeping it clean, dry and compact.

It simplifies the way in which we travel with our own comfy pillow. Easily and effortlessly, compact a pillow to 1/3 of its original size.

Absolutely the best way to travel with your own pillow!


Why SleepKeeper?

Hygienic. Convenient. Irreplaceable.


Your pillow is something which you are using for 8 hours a day everyday. It becomes a part and parcel of your life. You become so adapted to it that parting ways (even for few days) is really difficult.

Space Saving

Fits any standard pillow. Rolls a pillow to approximately 1/3 of original size.

Compact, Light and Portable

Carry handle that fits over travel cases. Easily clips to backpacks. Compacts in 3 easy steps.

Bag Like No Other

Durable water-resistant fabric. Hygienic and dirt resistant. Strong wide velcro.

Carrying a Pillow Has Never Been Easier

Simply place any standard pillow into the SleepKeeper bag, roll it up and fasten with the extra wide velcro. Instantly the pillow is compacted to 1/3 of its original size and ready for any travel experiences from hostels to hotels or planes to trains. It’s so easy to use. The possibilities are endless. Sleeping is always so much better when you have your own pillow.

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Sleep Keeper

Fits any Standard Pillow - Including latex/memory foam



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Sleep Keeper

Yes, SleepKeeper is amazing!

SleepKeeper fits all standard pillows

Feather – Down – and Latex will all compact in the SleepKeeper. When you arrive at your destination a pillow will spring back to it’s original shape.

With SleepKeeper easily go anywhere!

From overnight stays to trips around the world – SleepKeeper is the pefect solution to have your own pillow anywhere.

It's worth every single cent!

If you love your pillow and your sleep… We can guarantee you will love the SleepKeeper, it will ALWAYS keep your pillow clean and dry.

Free Shipping in Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sleep Keeper

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What fabric is the SleepKeeper made of?
Original models of SleepKeeper (Black and Navy) are made from 100% nylon. They’ re lightweight and durable and blend in well with most travel luggage. Our new colours (Royal and Red) were released in 2017  made from 100% polyester. With a higher water-resistant rating and the same durability. These are perfect for the backpacker travelling in all weather.
Does SleepKeeper include a pillow?
No, SleepKeeper is a bag for any pillow. It doesn’t include a pillow. It was designed so you can use your own pillow.
Is the Designer Pillow Case same as SleepKeeper?
No.The Designer pillow case is not a bag for your pillow, but a regular pillow case with unique designs made from 100% cotton.
Does Designer Pillow Case include a pillow?

No it doesn’t. You will receive only one pillowcase

Where can I use SleepKeeper?

The SleepKeeper is great for Overseas travel, Business trips, Cruising, Camping, Weekend getaways, School camps, Hostel stays, Volunteering trips and much more. You’ll be amazed at the endless possibilities. Why not buy one today!

Your words about us!

We travelled 7 weeks around Europe with our pillows in the SleepKeeper.

It was so easy and made such a difference having the comfort of our own pillow when sleeping in so many different beds.


Such a simple solution! Great product and excellent service from Di. Works well with my latex pillows and I can even use it to neatly holds my grandchildren’s SB Doona in the linen cupboard. Efficient service and even a hand-written note from Di. Thanks so much for a great solution.


Just had 12 days in Bali. SleepKeeper was a godsend. So glad we took three for our pillows as the ones in the resort were rock-hard! We were able to take our pillows as carry-on luggage too. Just great to sleep on your own pillow no matter where you are. Highly recommended .


We were away 4.5 months, 4 people 2 backpacks. That day at the airport my backpack weighed 16.5kgs. We only bought the bare basics…. And my pillow made the cut, thanks to you… And I was so grateful to have it.


GoPillow Feeback Photos

I love my SleepKeeper!

It’s a permanent accessory on all my travels. Nothing beats having your own pillow when you are away from home, for a good night sleep.What a great idea!!


Delighted with my SleepKeeper. As a traveller who has always taken my pillow wherever I go and always dreamed of a carrier, and this is the perfect invention. I either carry it with the handle or pack it in my suitcase and as it’s so compact, takes up so much less room than the pillow alone.


Where have you been all my life?!
Customer service is amazing, it arrived to Texas in 8 days, which was just in time to be able to try it out on a quick weekend getaway. I LOVE it! It’s perfect and I’m so thankful to have finally found it! I have neck issues and am in literal pain if I use a different pillow, so this is such a huge blessing to me to now be able to easily travel with my own. I highly recommend SleepKeeper for anyone who likes to take a little comfort of home with them on their adventures!


Mapping Megan Reviews SleepKeeper

Mapping Megan is rated the Top 5 travel blogger in Australia and New Zealand. Here she has reviewed the SleepKeeper which was formally known as Go Pillow. Check out the link below to see what she has to say!

Sleep Keeper

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