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Thanks again for your fantastic customer service. I am very excited about this solution to a very long standing quandary… Pamela

What a fantastic product. I like to take my pillow with me when I go away. But as it’s a memory foam it takes up so much room. The SleepKeeper rolls it up to an easy portable size to either pack in my suitcase or carry separately with the handle. Love it, Highly recommend… Cheryl

I love my SleepKeepers. Used them for the first time to take my pillows away on holiday. They were so compact and easy to fly with. Won’t be leaving home without them… Tina

Are you someone that takes your pillow everywhere, for a night, a week, even longer… or

Are you the person that believes your pillow is too big, too awkward and it won’t make much of a difference?




A Bit About Me

Diane walking with the SleepKeeper on her arm

Hi I’m Diane and I have to be honest and say I was the latter person, I would never of dreamt I would be lugging my big pillow from country to country on planes, trains and cruises. BUT NOW I wouldn’t travel without it not even for one night.

I was shocked your own pillow could make such a difference to how well you sleep.


With a background in sewing and fabrics the SleepKeeper came into existence in 2013 as a hobby, when I made a travel bag for a friends pillow. Following more requests and realising, how appreciative people were, I was really solving their problems from sore necks to sleep issues to people with allergies. Using an unknown pillow wasn’t an option.

The humble pillow is an important accessory for many travellers.


The turning point came when I used a SleepKeeper for my own pillow on one of my travels. I really was shocked at how much better you sleep and how easy it is to travel with. I thought more people need to know about the SleepKeeper as it really is the perfect travel accessory for your pillow. Always keeping it clean, compact and now with Covid… it’s a much more hygienic way to travel. With time being precious in 2014 a local maker was sourced and by 2017 with the help of a friend I made the leap into importing. Fast forward to 2020 and I have done a full circle with bringing production back to Australia.

If you love your pillow, I can guarantee you will love the SleepKeeper. Why not pop on over to our shop and choose your colour today!

If you have any questions or wholesale queries please contact me as I’m happy to answer any queries you may have and I do try for a quick reply.

I enjoy the positive reviews I get from my happy customers, it spurs me on… you can drop yours onto our Facebook Page or in the review section on our Shop page


Packing A Pillow Completes Your Holiday Satisfaction


I love to travel, whether it’s camping somewhere in our glorious backyard, Australia or tripping overseas on an unknown adventure, you can come take a look and follow on Instagram.




Why Should You Buy A SleepKeeper!

The Sleepkeeper sitting on travel luggage

  • Be more comfortable
  • Sleep better
  • No more sore necks
  • Ultra-compact roll up design
  • Simple to use, easy to carry
  • It will keep your pillow clean and dry
  • Durable water-resistant casing (perfect for camping)
  • Health professionals recommend your own pillow
  • Your very own customized travel pillow

Never risk flaring up neck pain or triggering a bad night’s sleep with a hotel pillow when you can take your own. The SleepKeeper ultra-compact travel bag effortlessly compacts your own pillow to one third of its original size, keeping it clean, dry and portable. Great for all travellers, easily slides onto your luggage or clip it to a backpack.

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Designer Pillow Cases

3 different designer Pillow Cases stacked on top of each other

Our new line of original designed pillow cases are made from 100% cotton. Beautifully made in Australia. They are a great addition to the SleepKeeper. When travelling you want your pillow to stand out. Then there is no chance of it being left behind.

  • Never leave your pillow behind with our individual designs.
  • Stand out from the rest.
  • Choose one to suit your personality.
  • Take a look at our designs now!


Diane Tipper founder of SleepKeeper, a small business operating on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. The company was created for the traveller in mind back in 2013. Originally called “Go Pillow” we changed our name to “SleepKeeper” in October 2018. We believe when you have your own pillow you sleep better, feel better, be better.

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