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Of Your Own Travel Pillow


Get the best sleep of your life with the SleepKeeper! Allows you to travel with your own pillow wherever you go. No more tossing and turning, sore necks or wondering who else has slept on the pillow!!

Having your own pillow while travelling completes the holiday in every way.

We have designed the SleepKeeper travel bag, with travellers in mind.


Go Pillow

SleepKeeper on a travel case

Why the SleepKeeper

  • You get to use your own pillow
  • Get a good night sleep, every night.
  • It’s a light, durable water-resistant case
  • Fits any standard pillow
  • Sits easily onto your travel cases
  • Easily clip it to your backpack
  • Take anywhere
  • The best travel pillow-using your pillow


Go Pillows attached to a backpack

Travelled 7 weeks around Europe with their SleepKeepers

The SleepKeeper comes in four colours. Black and Navy are our original colours. Made from 100% water-resistant nylon. They are light weight, durable and blend in well with most travel luggage. Our new colours Royal and Red, were released in 2017  made from 100% polyester. With a higher water-resistant rating and the same durability. These are perfect for the backpacker travelling in all weather. Take a look!

The “SleepKeeper” will become your best friend because :

  • It will keep your pillow clean and dry
  • Familiarity with your pillow when in a different bed
  • It’s easy to use, even for the young members of the family
  • It packs up small and compact
  • Every member of the family can use it
  • You’ll be surprised where you will take your “SleepKeeper”
  • Your very own customised travel pillow

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 Our Goal

  • A Go Pillow sitting on top of a suitcase in Candidasa, Bali.

    The SleepKeeper easily rolls a pillow to a 1/3 of the size.

    Is for you to have your own comfortable pillow from home.

  • To get a good night sleep
  • Insert it into the “SleepKeeper” case. Roll it up and take it wherever you may travel.
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When space is precious the Go Pillow is a necessity.

When space is precious the SleepKeeper is a necessity.

Having spent years camping with the family. I always found the pillows to be a necessary item but also a very bulky item.

  • Finally with the “SleepKeeper” case, your pillows roll up to about a 1/3 of the size.

I have children that like to take their pillows on friends sleep overs.  Once again this becomes  cumbersome and generally dropped throughout the transportation process. This is why the “SleepKeeper” case is so great. Being made from durable water resistant nylon, it can really be put through it paces.

Designer Pillow Cases

3 different designer Pillow Cases stacked on top of each other

Designer Pillow Cases

Our new line of original designed pillow cases are made from 100% cotton. Beautifully made in Australia. They are a great addition to the SleepKeeper. When travelling you want your pillow to stand out. Then there is no chance of it being left behind.

  • Never leave your pillow behind with our individual designs.
  • Stand out from the rest.
  • Choose one to suit your personality.
  • Designs changing regularly
  • Take a look at our designs now!


Diane Tipper is the director of Dipit Designs, a small business operating on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. The company was created for the traveller in mind back in 2013. Originally called “Go Pillow” we changed our name to “SleepKeeper” in October 2018. We believe when you have your own pillow you sleep better and perform better.

Or try one of our original designer pillow cases for that individual look. Beautifully made in Australia.

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