SleepKeeper- The Best Travel Pillow

– Using your pillow –        

The SleepKeeper is a versatile water-resistant travel bag for your pillow, keeping it clean, dry and compact. Great for all types of travel…. Travelling with your pillow has never been easier.

Are you someone that loves sleeping on your own pillow. But find it takes up too much room in your bag. Or to awkward to carry onto planes….

Your problems are solved with the SleepKeeper!

You only have to place your pillow into the “SleepKeeper” bag. Roll it up and fasten with the extra wide Velcro. You have instantly compacted your pillow to 1/3 of its size. Now you’re ready for all your travel experiences with your customised travel pillow. It’s so easy to use. The possibilities are endless. Sleeping is always so much better when you have your own pillow.

3 Easy Steps – Discover the ease of travelling with                                                     your pillow

The “SleepKeeper” bag allows you to travel anywhere with your ‘home’ pillow. Its small size and easy concept make this a highly sought after product for anyone wanting to travel with their very own pillow.

Accordingly even the late Eileen Ford of Ford Models Agency no.1 tip was “Always travel with your home pillow” she advised “I tell all my girls to bring their favourite pillow form home. You”ll sleep better and you”ll look better” And after all isn’t that what being a model is all about.

There is nothing like the comfort of your own pillow when in a strange bed


  • Comparing standard pillow to then rolled into Go Pillow

    Comparing standard pillow to then rolled into SleepKeeper

    Fits any standard pillow

  • Rolls up to about 1/3 of original size
  • Compact, light and portable
  • Comes in 6 colours
  • Carry handle that fits over travel cases
  • Durable water- resistant fabric
  • Strong wide Velcro
  • Packs up small when not in use
  • Take any where
  • Free shipping in Australia
  • World-wide shipping

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Travel With Your Pillow and Be Proud Of It

The Go Pillow was great for our stay in Port Douglas

The SleepKeeper was great for our stay in Port Douglas

  • Camping
  •  Cruising
  • Overseas travel
  • Business trips
  • Music Festivals
  • Sleep overs
  • School camps
  • Hiking
  •  Picnics

Mapping Megan Travel Blogger – Reviews SleepKeeper

Mapping Megan is rated the No.4 travel blogger in Australia and New Zealand.

Here she has reviewed the SleepKeeper. Check out the link below to see what she has to say! 

We were originally called Go Pillow and in 2018 we changed our name to SleepKeeper