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There is nothing like the comfort of your own pillow.



SleepKeeper is the best pillow carrier for YOUR pillow, always keeping it clean, compact and protected while you travel. Travel with your pillow and sleep better, be more comfortable and not share germs with the unknown pillow.

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Designer Pillow Case

Beautiful pillow cases to complement the experience of traveling with your home pillow. Let your pillow stand out so there is no risk of leaving it behind.

Designer cases are Australian made with 100% cotton.

Such a simple solution! Great product and excellent service from Di. Works well with my latex pillows and I can even use it to neatly holds my grandchildren’s SB Doona in the linen cupboard. Efficient service and even a hand-written note from Di. Thanks so much for a great solution.


May 2016

I love my Sleep Keeper!

It’s a permanent accessory on all my travels. Nothing beats having your own pillow when your away from home, for a good night sleep.What a great idea!!


June 2015

Wet Bag

A simple water-resistant travel bag made from the same durable fabric as the SleepKeepers.

Fabulous accessory when travelling for a day at the beach, sitting around the pool, wet swimwear, toiletries, dirty washing and so much more.

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