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A versatile water-resistant travel bag will compact a pillow so it can easily travel with you. FREE postage in Australia.

$10 Flat Fee World-wide

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We have recently change our name in October 2018 from Go Pillow to SleepKeeper, so our customer reviews may refer to Go Pillow. Our products are still the same, only the name has changed.

If you like to travel with a pillow but find it a challenge to fit it in your luggage or carry it under your arm…  Then the SleepKeeper is for you!

A strong and stylish travel pillow carrier, it’s lightweight, durable and 100% water-resistant. No one will even know you are travelling with your own pillow, great for any traveller. The SleepKeeper travel bag will allow you to take a pillow anywhere.

Suitable for all Ages – In 3 easy steps a pillow can be compacted to a third of its size. Great for local/ overseas holidays, business trips, kids sleep overs or school camps. Keeping a pillow clean has never been easier!

Shipping – Our products are dispatched within twenty-four hours, from Sydney Australia, with Free shipping in Australia and a flat-rate world-wide. For overseas deliveries please allow 7-14 days and Australian deliveries, please allow 1-7 days depending what state you are in.

Product Info – This colour is highly water-resistant making it ideal for the outdoor traveller.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Highly water-resistant
  • Dimensions approx. length 95 x 54cm
  • 2 x 5cm wide velcro for strength
  • 1 carry handle for convenience and able to go over travel case handles
  • Fits any standard pillow
  • Compact when not in use. Folded approx. 15 x 19cm
  • Secure site in checkout
  • Money back guarantee
  • Orders outside of Australia please allow 7-14 days delivery
  • New colour

Pillow Not Included

6 reviews for Sleep Keeper – Royal Pillow Carrier

  1. Jane

    I love my Go Pillow, it’s a permanent accessory on all my travels. I know I will always get a good nights sleep while I’m away because I have my own pillow with me. Thanks Go Pillow, love the colour options and the water resistant fabric.

  2. Robin

    I’ve received the Go Pillow and although I wasn’t sure if it would work with a memory foam pillow, I’m pleased to say it works very well. What a great idea!

  3. Barb

    Love it, so practical & water proof.

  4. Michelle

    I was starting to find travelling a drag because of poor sleep and neck pain. Taking my own pillow helped a lot, but so awkward to carry. I was going to make my own pillow bag, I sew garments to I could, but BLahh, it wasn’t inspiring me, especially with no pattern or instructions! Then I saw this online. I wouldn’t be able to make anything this good without hours of work, thought and spending more than this on materials, maybe not even then. makes the pillow so compact so easily and keeps it clean and protected. Great product

  5. Anne

    I purchased a Go Pillow recently and absolutely love it. The pillow case is large, it fits any pillow and waterproof. Everything they say it does.
    I’ll be using mine often and I’ve recommended it to family who are just as happy with it as I am.

  6. Diane

    Really pleased with my Go Pillow. I recently took it to Croatia and it caused quite a lot of comment from the other ladies with Girls on Tour.
    It then went to the Bunya Mountains and on to Brisbane.

    Thank you, Diane

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